Mr. Inventor

December 22, 2017
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Build me a time machine, Mr. Inventor. So I can go back to when my best friend wasn’t made of some artificial fillers. 

Build me a therapist, Mr. Inventor. So I can get all of these complications off of my chest.

Build me a doctor, Mr. Inventor. So my heart doesn’t hurt anymore.

Build me a pharmacy, Mr. Inventor. So I can numb this pain in my gut.

Build me an hourglass, Mr. Inventor. So I can see how much longer I have to do this.

Build me a heart of steel, Mr. Inventor. So I can still live, but not feel.

Build me a brain like Einstein’s, Mr. Inventor. So I can actually get a clue of what i'm supposed to be doing here.

Mr. Inventor, Mr. Inventor, build me a time machine, a therapist, a doctor, a pharmacy, an hourglass, a heart of steel, and a brain like Einstein’s ,

so I can survive this.

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