December 22, 2017
By myad2949 PLATINUM, Strafford, New Hampshire
myad2949 PLATINUM, Strafford, New Hampshire
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You only live once. But if you do it right, once is enough.

i hate this. hoW, just bEcause you've Met new people you decide to abandon the old, the orIginalS, the oneS who YOU've had since the beginning. i'm Just sO confused. yeah, i get it people make new fRiends people change but people Don't just leave the first ones in their wAke. a good persoN would at least say goodbye. or give reason to leave. But you, you just left. no goodbye. no reason. except the one you keep to yourself. the reason you left us. the reason you left me. WHile you kEep may keep your REasons to yourself, we will wonder why we weren't gooD enough for YOU anymore. was it because we knew who you were? we knew your secrets? we will be forever chased by the thouGht Of why our best friend left us longing for her presence. Why?

The author's comments:

If all of the bold and capitalized letters are put next to each other, it forms a secrect message.

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