Why Now?

December 22, 2017
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i will cut you out of my life with no warning. drop you. just like that. if you have a problem with it, you shouldn't have done what you did. life lesson. now, i'm sitting here with the feeling of revenge coursing through me. i'm feeling invincible. because every time that you walk out, expecting to be welcomed right back in,i don't cry, i don’t miss you, as much as i did before. with every bullet you fire at me from your mouth,i don’t bleed, i don’t feel it, as much as i did before. this may sound dark, sinful even, but what i'm ‘gonna say is true, i hope these words sting you. burn you. lacerate you. carve into your heart, unforgettable. make you regret what you did and what you said an immortal reminder of what you lost, who you lost, and the mystery of why you did what you did? if there ever is a day where you come back to apologize for what you’ve said and done, and it’s sincere, i will chase these words with poison. but until that day comes...and swine take to the sky...i wish you dead

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