Never Giving Up

December 22, 2017
By Court725 BRONZE, Pearl, Mississippi
Court725 BRONZE, Pearl, Mississippi
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I've been fighting this depression

Since I was thirteen years old.

I'm seeming to lose this battle

But I'm not giving up just yet.

I'm trying to free these demons

That lives inside of my soul.

They are taking away my happiness 

Giving me sadness and pain.

Every day I look into the mirror

Telling myself that I am ugly.

That I'm not worth living in this world

But this is the demons talking.

I wish they would just go away

Because they are tearing my life apart.

I'm tired of being this insecure girl

Who thinks badly of herself.

Feeling as if the world hates her.

I will fight this depression.

Fight the demons that live inside of me.

Controlling my emotions and thoughts.

If I keep fighting, I know one day I will win.

I have walls built around my heart.

Not letting anyone in and always pushing people away.

Because I don't want to be hurt again.

I always smile and fake happiness.

Just for others to be happy.

Every time I smile or laugh.

It becomes real and the walls around my heart

Breaks down and happiness is making its way back.

I am overcoming this blood-sucking illness

Slowly but surely and I won't give up.

The author's comments:

I've been suffering from depression since I was thirteen and It's been difficult. I was being cyberbullied and I had no friends. I self-harmed and tried killing myself so many times that I was in and out of hospitals. But I realized harming myself was worthless and that I have a purpose in this world. I have to stay strong to be able to help others to overcome their mental illness. You all have a purpose in life and don't listen to the negativity that people say about you. Don't hurt yourself because you are amazing and don't deserve the pain. Keep fighting your battles and live because you have a purpose in life.  

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