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December 22, 2017
By Eberlyne BRONZE, Irivngton, New Jersey
Eberlyne BRONZE, Irivngton, New Jersey
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That Rihanna received a humanitarian award at Harvard University
for teaching kids in Malawi while advocating for more education funding
That Haiti fought in the American Revolution war
That during the summer solstice the days are longer and nights shorter
That red food coloring is made from boiled cochineal bugs
That on November 14, 2017 eighty-eight German scientists held Nazi secrets from the U.S
That Rihanna suffered from domestic abuse in her house
That prescription pain relievers can kill you when used incorrectly
That the cost of drug abuse stimate $181 billion dollars
That the color orange was originally called Geoluhread a mixture of red and yellow
That the color green creates the brain, it send light signals and make you calm
That silver cars cause less accidents because they are clearly visible
That the color pink can calm your nerves
That the taste of soup taste better in a red bowl
That there is a color called cosmic latte, it is mix with beige and white
That cleaning for two hours burns two hundred calories
That the kitchen sink contains more germs than the toilet
That most dust particles are made up of dead skin cells
That ten percent of pillows are made of dead mites
That when you don't close the lid before
Flushing bacteria sprays to the air and get in your toothbrush
That March is named after Mars,  the Roman God of war
That the Julian calendar in 14BC was ten days longer
That January was not always the First month
That March used to be the first month of the year
That April was the second month of ancient calendars
That July was named after Julius Caesar
That in 2017, the solar eclipse totalities are different lengths
That Rihanna’s first name is Robyn
That female insects of the genus have a penis
That female komodo dragons don't need a male to reproduce
That you can calculate how far to stay away
from someone who sneezes when sick
That vitamin C doesn’t really help
That your voices changes when talking
to someone attractive
That holding hands with someone you love alleviates physical and mental pain
That falling in love has the same effect as cocaine
That when you blush the lining of your stomach aso turns red
That there's a jelly fish capable of cheating death
That polar bears have black skin
That an octopus has an extra leg in the center
That one president serves one term before
That president Hayes banned alcohol from the white house
That thomas Jefferson founded the University of Virginia
But what is worth knowing?
What is worth knowing?

The author's comments:

From this peace I hope people gain new knowledge and take it into consideration to understand the world more, not judjing a book by its cover and have a passion for learning.

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