Picture Perfect

December 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Her mom was a teacher,

Who taught
But she ought not to’ve taught her what to be
Because she never properly learned to be
What she should and could have been.
The teaching wasn’t enough
The going for the teacher was tough
Because the teacher taught
But she forgot to learn
She taught and forgot.

Her dad was a financial fanatic.
He worried more about his ballance
Than about how she was balancing
She fell through and watched as he reached for his wallet instead of her
So she turned to someone else,
And he seemed to care but didn’t care
And it hurt her to see how pathetic he was
Money isn’t everything
It couldn’t buy her back.
So we just hang on.
Hold on to what little we have.

Her brother got on her nerves.
He fought and threw things,
He was angry with her,
With the world,
But he hid it.
He didn’t hide it well,
Because she could tell.
But if he didn’t hide it,
Then he wouldn’t be
Picture perfect.

Her sister was never there,
Her sister ran away
When she was of age,
She left them alone.
And they became that family
Of 2.5,
But friends could never forget,
The older sister.
Because she was picture perfect.

The younger sister,
They thought they were close,
Were friends,
But one night,
The sister put her over the edge.
They stopped discussing things.
She didn’t care and the sister never noticed.
The younger sister,
She seemed like the older one,
But she was less,
But sometimes,
Less is more,
And more is less,
But more or less,
What i’m trying to say is that she was never less and sometimes she was more but she will never grow up because that’s how shE IS

Never forget that picture perfect family,
Because we are that picture perfect family.
But they hated her,
The one I write about,
Because she wasn’t she,
She was he,
And he hated himself
For being different
He hated everything
And she, i mean he,
Ran away,
Because that’s what society taught him,
He had to run from himself to find herself.
And he threw around hate
And I am he and he is she and she is me!
We are one in the same I want to be him,
But they want to stop me from being him and he ran
And i ran
And she ran
And we ran.
Because we were scared
Because we weren’t picture perfect.
We ran and hid and he she I
We ended it.

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