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Just me and my broken heart

January 4, 2018

The raindrops on my window
Are similar to the tears I've shed
The wind that hits my face
Is as cold as the place I call my heart
Looking outside my window
Moments we spent flash in my memory
Wish we could have stepped out of the shadow
Before occurred this tragedy

Hidden from the outside
Concealed from prying eyes
That pretty much describes our former lives
Maybe we should have stepped out into the sunlight
Maybe, just maybe, our world would have been bright
But it's no use to wonder
Because now it's all over
It's just me and my broken heart

Empty soul, no more hope
I just wanna hide in a hole
Don't know what is my purpose
Now that you're not here anymore
All I do is stare at the floor
Hoping that you'd walk through that door
And hold me close like you did before
Like you did before it was just me and my broken heart
Just me and my broken heart

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