Daydreaming at Night

January 4, 2018
By fragmentaations DIAMOND, Middleburgh, New York
fragmentaations DIAMOND, Middleburgh, New York
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“You write beautifully. The inside of your mind must be a terrible place.”

my body lays limp in longing
as I try to turn my brain off
and sleep to get away from thinking.

I can’t help but imagine
what it would feel like
to have you right next to me…

how our exhausted bodies
would hold each other close
and how our skin would never lose contact.

how my tired gibberish
would prompt your smile
and fill the gap for warmth that we can’t.

how your steady hands
on my thighs and sides and in my hair
would create a blanket of safety.

how our sleepy kisses
wouldn’t stop
until we dozed off.

how lucky I’d feel
and how I’d be content with nothing more
than the man holding me in his arms. 

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