January 3, 2018
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What am I supposed to do in the world?
Where we discriminate by differences,
Separate both love and hate?
I think I would have a chance,
If I helped the ones in need

If I could help the poor,
The ones in want,
The ones who starve,
Instead of fueling my own greed

What if I could be the sole comfort,
Of those who have lost their way?
Would I be the same as I am now?
Or would I be kinder, able to understand?

What can I do in this world?
Where we hurt the ones we thought we loved?
The ones that we thought we could trust?
What if we believed one another?

Who am I to judge in this world?
When I am just a human?
I cannot tell the difference
Between two people in the same world

What am I supposed to do?
I’m held by limitations,
Every move I make,
Watched by society

Society, whose eyes are dark
Misleading, lying, filled with hate
Who am I supposed to go to
When I am alone?

Shut up in my mind
No one can see my struggles
My anxiety, my depression
My hate, and my love

Where are the ones who are supposed to be there,
If not for the struggling,
For the hopeless?

Who is there to bring the hope,
Carry the burdens,
For millions of our own
Who struggle?

Only us, held
By only the faintest whisper of support
Can give comfort
To our fathers, sisters, mothers, and brothers.

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Suzy said...
today at 1:20 am
You are so talented and creative!
Ruth5358 said...
today at 12:37 am
That is AWESOME! Well thought. I would love to see more!
Carolo said...
yesterday at 9:37 pm
Keep writing. This is beautiful and profound.
Jamey said...
yesterday at 9:28 pm
I love this! If everyone would look beyond themselves and help those in need, the world would be a better place. Good job Syd!!
lisamarie said...
yesterday at 8:20 pm
Beautiful, Sydney! What depth and great insight!
Melharker said...
yesterday at 8:12 pm
Wow Syd. Incredible!! I want to be a better person after reading this. Changing this world one day at a time. You’re amazing. Keep up the good work
proud.gmom said...
yesterday at 7:53 pm
What deep insight and understanding! How wonderful the world would be if everyone believed this!
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