January 2, 2018
By Bluepoppy BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
Bluepoppy BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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She's buried deep inside my soul, caged behind the brightness of my eyes
Hidden behind the lightness of my soul, fury of my flame
Where everything is painted black, grey and red
Everyday she non-stops try's to escape, but I fight back to keep her in, like war, I fight
She claws at my eyes, bleeds into my light, black blood, that destroys my brightness
Hissing like a snake, I hear it lifelessly giving up
Dimming it down more everyday
The anger pours out of her like an guilty conscious
She struggles, bruises line her arms of past attempted freedom
Cuts line her hands, from the depression and pain of being locked away
But the bars are rusting, becoming easier to break, like glass
I can feel her, breaking through, I always re-build, but it doesn't help

Nobody ever stares deep enough to realize she is there, never stares deep enough to hear her screams
Locked away in the darkest part of my soul, she screams, she tears, she plans, she bleeds
Nobody realizes she's depression, anger, fear, pain, stress, worry
At times she gets slithers through, making me turn, showing parts to people if rather keep in the moon lit darkness
Sometimes I wish I would let someone in
So that they can see me as an human
Instead of seeing me as a forever field of flowers and sunshine
It's nice to be a light for as long as possible, because I love the endless warmth
But it gets harder every day
My light is dimming
My warmth is turning into coldness
Why can't I stop it
I need, someone, to help keep her caged, locked away
For eternity
For as long as possible

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