January 2, 2018
By lilyrose BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
lilyrose BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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i am
eyes looking every which way and running up driveways


i am
leftover electric blue nail polish and tangles in my hair


icebergs form in the fire, whispering calm and steady
orange and smooth and hot and glowing lovely:
an underground lava galaxy


its light spreads out and rests upon
your forehead;
lighting strands of your hair on fire, reaching out to me


you are
eyes looking deep into me and flying down the street


you are a
beautiful, beautiful sight in gray


especially with the fire in your hair.


we sit next to the iceberg embers
catch sparks in our hands
they carry us up, up to the stars


and you pick out one for me

The author's comments:

you can look into a fire and see a whole awful lot. when you sit next to someone who knows something special about you, and you know something special about him, there's a gravity there that makes every movement larger. cold and hot melt together and icefire blooms in your chest. and you think to yourself, "this feels a lot like what i see."

this is what you see.

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