Truck Driver

January 2, 2018
By morganb25 BRONZE, Middleton, Wisconsin
morganb25 BRONZE, Middleton, Wisconsin
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The truck driver
rides a purple semi
down a black, grainy road
with his blonde stubble itching his chin.
He's going to Florida with a grey walkie talkie in one hand,
and a cup filled with brown energy in another.
A dimmed screen is yelling at him to turn left
while boxes of twinkies pile in the back.
The headlights are beaming
checking for all possible deer that may stumble along.
The horn sounds and the radio flickers on,
as if listening to
"All Summer Long," for the fourth time wasn't enough.

The author's comments:

I was assigned to write a poem about a job a family member of mine had, so I decided to write about the man I look most up to, my uncle Brian. I think it's very brave of him to drive from state to state in a short amount of time constantly, so I wanted to write this to show him how much I admire him. 

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