Tooth Fairy Fantasy

December 28, 2017
By Anonymous

We all know the story of the tooth fairy..
She'd leave a gift under your pillow
In exchange for taking your lost tooth
A perfect trade, A perfect dream, A perfect fantasy
My first lost tooth?- Not so perfect


You see I never saw your fist hurling towards my face
The hands that held me so close as a baby
Now became a tool of your aggression.
I just wanted to tell you good night...
To tell you everything would be okay


Because through your silent glares and late night yells,
I saw the tear of despair roll down your face...
I saw how broken you must've been
Underneath the weight of the world
Drowning your stress in bottles
Of what you called "your medicine"


All I ever wanted was to make sure you knew
How much I still loved you
Despite how many times you hurt mommy
All I ever wanted was to make sure you knew
How much I still cared
And that you were going to be okay...
We were going to be okay.


We could take our bikes out again
Ride down the street and dance in the rain
You could take me to our favorite park
Where I would be the superhero and save you
From the sand monster in the sand box
Then we'd go get some pizza
And watch the sun dip below the waves
The angels, you said, would paint the sky for us

A sign that our loved ones still had a home

A sign that they still looked out for us


And we'd ride our bikes back to the place we called home
You and mommy would tuck me in at night
And kiss me on the forehead to tell me
That I'd always be loved...
That it would all be okay


I went in for a hug
And you punched me in my face.
Punched Me
In my face
The one person I ever trusted
The one person I ever loved
Was the reason I had blood on my lips
For the first time I could rememeber


You didn't flinch
So I didn't cry
But seven years later
I'm still stuck wondering why
You took away the happiness I was supposed to feel
When I lost my first tooth
And replaced it with this monstrous nightmare of you


Because the next morning I woke up and realized
The tooth fairy never came
To grant my one wish of being happy with you
And every morning after that I woke to realize
The tooth fairy was a fantasy
And so was my childhood happiness with you


To: The one person who I loved the most

(Maybe you're the reason I learned destructive relationships were okay... that the ones who you loved the most could keep hurting you and you should keep loving them no matter how much it hurts)

The author's comments:

An old writing prompt I dug up from when our teacher asked us to write a letter to the person we remember being in our very first memory. The first person I wrote the letter to was unfortuneately dead at the time so I wrote this one instead, even though they never read it and hopefully never will read it.

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on Jan. 4 at 12:59 pm
Julianna.S GOLD, Tirana, Other
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Wow... This is such moving work. Its beautiful. I want you to know I support you and wish you all the best! If you get a chance check my work out please. XOXO

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