The Darkness in an Angel

December 30, 2017
By , Parish, NY

Who is this wicked angel

is she the one who destroys dreams

with wings full of wrath

does she take the hope from helpless children

and watch them writher away

is it possible she breaks little beating hearts

hearts full of love that is finally lost

the one who tells lies that linger on forever

and doesn't show shame in being selfish

if all these treacherous things are true

then how can she bring light into a heart to love

the one who found her way into a family

a family full of love

for i pity the broken angel who was beautifully brought into the world

what if the dark angel was once delicate

but the dangers of the world destroyed her

maybe her happy heart got hurt by loved ones

or her bright smile got smashed into a billion broken peices

for i may never know this once wonderful angel

that is now wicked

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Mag;) said...
today at 1:52 pm
This tells an amazing truth yet it was elegant and smooth great job!
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