Social Justice Poem

December 29, 2017
By miguelvarelajr BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
miguelvarelajr BRONZE, Hartford, Connecticut
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                     Social Justice Poem
                     Dedicated to Aaron Hernandez

Laying in my bed
All these thoughts in my head

Staring at the walls wishing I was dead
Thinking to myself why did I kill him

Now there is so many thoughts going threw my head
I’m depressed
So stressed

My heart is beating but slowing down
Slowly dying losing it’s crown

All this fame
Making me lose my brain
What a shame

Can’t even remember my name
Stuck inside this cell
Feel like I’m in hell

I can’t even feel no more
I cannot take this any more
My heart is cold
So cold it starts to mold

I’m stressed I must confess
I fell so compressed
Before I die I had to get this off my chest

Suicide was the only way
To get the people to say my name

The world had drained the fame 
And had put the blame on who?
My first name

I just wanted to play the game
What a shame

Football I loved it so much
Even the football I loved it’s touch

I’ve been playing this game since I knew how to crawl
Football a game of aggressive  brawls

Now this was a call
A call to tell you all

I am not dead I’m here in your heart
For once and for all.

The author's comments:

This is a poem tat was inspired by Aaronn Hernandez and how he commited cuicide 

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