Growing older

December 29, 2017
By SamanthaC12 BRONZE, Clarendon , Texas
SamanthaC12 BRONZE, Clarendon , Texas
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"If you put aside the weight of strife you can freely breathe in and live life" - me

The puzzled look on your face 
When you didn’t understand why
Has now drifted away in a cloud of clarity 
Giving answers to questions
And having a teacher for the lessons
Not of math or science but of quality and meaning it self
Drifting down the river of memories and moments
Has given appreciation for the sky
 Letting you take flight.     
Gratitude towards life
Has brought forth greatness
Waiting so long brought patience
Your destiny has awakened you, setting foundation to greater things
Than fictional characters and fairy tails
Aging is not wisdom
However it’s the climb and the great heights you have reached   
To show the battles you have won or lost
To show the obstacles you have overcome  
 to show the fears you have crushed 
And time that has not been rushed
Getting older doesn’t hold you back 
 releases you from chains and weights of the undefined questions
As if to unhinge the locked door and pull the curtain to giving life a new meaning
As a toddler you wonder things like why is the grass green and why don’t dogs talk
Now you ask yourself
 why is it every time I start I always stop
What do I do if someone tells me I can’t?
What do I do if I want to give up?
How do I change the world in a way that will make it better?
How does getting older get better?
 getting older makes you realize that sometimes it’s not fair
Sometimes you open the door but there is nothing
Sometimes the answer isn’t given 
Sometimes your world will crumble into bits and pieces
But sometimes life changes, you find your self and realize you're better than what you thought
You find the color and light in the darkness
You find a lighthouse in the storm
And you find peace in the war
You change hate into motivation
And you realize getting older rather than staying the same
Is like an open door and seeing through the window pane

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