December 29, 2017
By DIYSISTERS BRONZE, Martinez, Georgia
DIYSISTERS BRONZE, Martinez, Georgia
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          I am a feeling built up inside
              I am a reflection of someone’s life
              I am an existence some try to hide


some share me through tears and some through laughter

    to some I evoke melancholy feelings thereafter


      I am sometimes expressed as a blessing from God
              and to some I am in their thoughts outlawed


While to some I arise a sense of dread
  to others I awaken a sense of courage to face what’s ahead
         Yet deep inside every human mind
         even if I feel abandoned at times
          they will remember me someday
          for I am their forgotten memories

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Adoption said...
on Jan. 8 at 10:32 pm
Enjoyed it!!well done. Keep writing.

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