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An Addict's Tale

December 28, 2017
By mlercel95 BRONZE, Creve Coeur, Missouri
mlercel95 BRONZE, Creve Coeur, Missouri
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He struck his cage
with complete rage.
His enclosure could not be escaped,
no matter how hard he scraped.
Trapped in his own mind now,
or maybe it wasn’t his...but how?
He was
And although no physical thing concealed him,
he was isolated,
from himself.
Who was this?
Who was this monster he found himself hidden in?
Soft, pale skin,
piercing blue eyes,
swelling with cries.
It looked just like him,
but with much more grimm.
He trembled with unfamiliarity,
desperate for clarity.
In a daze
only black haze.
He couldn't find himself.
Shuttering in fear,
this new person,
it was clear,
was him.
              A liar,
                     a monster.
Glancing into his imaginative mirror,
only weakness appeared.
He was gone,
but yet still here.

The author's comments:

Growing up, I was surrounded by addiction.  People I loved and cared for struggled with finding themselves and dealt with the inner demons that come from the horrible disease of addiction. This piece is an effort to describe these unbearbale pains from the perspective of an addict.

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