Understand me.

December 28, 2017
By Zoom7 PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
Zoom7 PLATINUM, Joliet, Illinois
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I don’t know what to do. Memories fall like ashes in the wind, disappear like dust. I can't remember this morning let alone a week ago. People say they know pain but do they really. Can they say they know How I feel ,how I was supposed to live my life. And how I betrayed everyone. Can they hear the pain? Can they hear the suffering? Can they even say they know what I am talking about when they have no idea? Can they? I beg you to tell me please. They are brave enough to go out there and speak their mind. But they won't let me speak mine. Keeping me quiet with words that are better to be left unsaid. Secrets that weren't going to be shared are being shared. The fire is burning brighter than ever. Meteors are  coming down on this little town that blew apart the earth. And that can happen any day now. The whole world could just slip into another fantasy. Could just fall apart. Just how the dinosaur died we could at any moment. So why do they bully? Why do they hurt? Why do they tell us we don’t matter? We matter to the people who care. Stars are painted vivid against the black horizon. We are brave. We are beautiful. We are everything we can ever dream of. We want to be okay then why do they hurt us. Why do they tell us we don’t matter. When know we do. They don’t understand.

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