December 27, 2017
Trust. Trust is a funny thing isn't it. It takes years to build but mere seconds to tear down. And of course that's what you did. I was down; at my weakest you found me held me tight and nursed me back to health. Maybe you thought you needed to save me or maybe you knew from the beginning you couldn't. But you made me believe you could... maybe you saw me and couldn’t help yourself from the damsel in distress and when I was finally healed I was no longer your little project anymore I had lost my intrigue . You brought me in from the cold of the world just to throw me back out. You nursed me back to health, held me warm in your arms when tears stung my cheeks like acid rain. It took me a while to fully trust. And even longer to let you help. I never wanted to get better I wanted to bask in the sorrow that was my life but you wouldn’t have that, so I got better, for you.

And now I sit here crying in my car parked in some back ally in bad part of town because i can’t go home. You’re there collecting your things.

I started at the bottom of the roller coaster that is life and I made it to the top but now I sit at the bottom once again. What you did was terrible and cruel but oddly I thank you for it. You gave me a taste of what it’s like to be happy and the bliss that came with it an even the thrill of falling and I realized I want to be happy like that again but not because some guy became lost in his fairytale dream but because I’m truly happy with myself, so I dry my tears dab on some makeup and start the car to head home no longer worried if your still there or not, it’s my house.

I think I've finally learned my lesson. Thank you.

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