December 20, 2017
By SyrupDaddy BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
SyrupDaddy BRONZE, Wheeling, Illinois
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It’s 10 pm

Her eyes sink in
Her ears fill up with static
Her brain softer than cotton balls
Her body going on

Her mind drifting in the wind
Her arms swaying in the void
Her back slumps forward
Her body going on further

Her voice refusing to speak
Her hand refusing to stay awake
Her neck refusing to hold up
Her body going on further away

Light dancing on her bed

The air sits still, patiently waiting
The light scurries away to be hidden
The insects march under the bed,
Preparing for battle

Wendy blinks back, her vision from her crusty eyelids
Wendy drowns the dead skin cells with water and apples
Wendy evacuates the plaque,
Giving her red halos
Wendy exits the bleached room with an impractical boat and the mini whirlpool

Wendy wakes up after she fell asleep

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