December 20, 2017
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It is only at this moment,
when I first see the mellow stars
make their way into the inky night --
I imagine myself slowly levitating,
My toes gliding off the ground.
My eyes glaze over from the light;
My head thrusts towards the invigorating air that fills my lungs;
My hair ascends as if I were floating underwater.

My hands extend towards the impossible.

The  rosy blush of the sky
reflects off my black hair, as if
a delicate woman had swiftly passed her brush over canvasses
of sky and head, then
the indigo swallows the sky -- a limitless pit that I tumble through,
feeling weightless and careless and thoughtless.
I enter oblivion - the great escape
from binding reality.

White spheres hover in the sky,
owners of mischievous flares that traverse across
layers and realms and spaces, endless --- an infinity ---.
Adrenaline courses as I strive forward,
My heart swells as I propel past barriers,
No longer bound to the chains of gravity,
No longer restrained by the odds of reality,
No longer imprisoned to the ground,
Now able to quench the raging impatience to breathe
And see past what is seen…

But then the stars begin to fade,
the deep indigo morphs into violet,
then into bold orange.
I am sent back, plummeting to where I started, down

and down and down until I tumble
onto the familiar grass,
moist from the morning dew.


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