It was 1958

December 20, 2017
By Cust5 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove , Illinois
Cust5 BRONZE, Buffalo Grove , Illinois
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Johnny parks his ruby red, rusted out 1958 Corvette on the curb.

as he strolls  into his house he sees family all around the small box T.V.
He walks over over to his dad to try and help him untangle the broken antenna.
His mom is yells "Johnny! Put on channel 2 pronto!"
Just about every American across the country is watching and waiting for this
Johnny listens to what becomes one of the most famous announcements in U.S. history.
The family sits and waits as they hear the soothing voice of Walter Cronkite say,
"Armstrong is on the moon, Neil Armstrong the 38 year old American standing on the surface of the moon.”
Johnny gazes  at his parents, tears  rushing down his parents faces. It seems Johnny has been waiting his whole life for this moment, all 16 years of them.

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