Fitting In To My Community

December 20, 2017
By llMoonWolfll BRONZE, Haskell, Texas
llMoonWolfll BRONZE, Haskell, Texas
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When I moved,I never thought I would fit in to my community
I was the kid to wear all black and hate humanity
I had hair past my face and always needed space
My life at a constant pace

I just wanted a little relief
When I fell into disbelief
No doubt about it was I, the outcast
I roamed the streets around three in the morning and past

I started questioning how long I would last
Compared to everyone else, I wasn’t strong nor fast
I was short and skinny and felt less valuable than a penny
Many times I begged for my life to be merry

I knew fitting in would be impossible for me
I had many severe disorders along with my bad history
I rebelled against almost everything
At this point,I was just hoping and waiting for my life to end

The author's comments:

I was inspired by all of my hardships of fitting in anywhere I ever went.

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