Forgotten you?

December 19, 2017

Forgotten you?

No, I think it impossible

to forget one's fingers

or eyes,

or the calm of the

softest blue sky,

and much harder yet

to forget

a slice of one's person

or a thread of their soul.

So when you ask

if I remember,

my eyes drown in

every smile over shared meals,

every "good morning" and "good night,"

every hardship and every fight,

and I want to say

that I remember,

that I've never forgotten,


I bite my tongue

so you don't know

I've memorized your eyes

and pored over your

tiny compliments,


I bite my tongue

so I won't recite

our late-night conversations

and every sweet, warm hug

as if they were

written on me now


I bite my tongue

so you won't see,

just how much I haven't forgotten,

how much of you

is now

in me.

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