The Love that Clings

December 19, 2017
By viccen509 BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
viccen509 BRONZE, Wind Lake, Wisconsin
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A peaceful river trickles by
A blue fish jumps and swims
But he stays to the river
For it is his familiar
A cardinal learns to fly
But he sticks to the air
For he is welcome there
A dog runs past on his whims
But to his best friend he does abide,   
For he finds happiness by his side      
And I Learn things I need to see
I must Learn to trickle by like the river and just be
I see how the bird finds enjoyment in flight
And I realize I must find contentment in plight
I notice the dog by his best friend
And I mark how troubles do indeed end
For even in the worst  of  things
If you look hard enough, you can find The Love that Clings.

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