Broken pearl necklace

December 19, 2017
By aishukanagala BRONZE, West Orange, New Jersey
aishukanagala BRONZE, West Orange, New Jersey
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Those lavish pearls which were passed down from her grandmother’s mother’s mother
Those treasured pearls which were only the most prized heirloom of the Hawthorne family
Those glittering pearls which now laid, clasped behind the nape of her neck

Those icy cold pearls which clung, tangled in the strands of her primmed blonde hair
Those expensive pearls which came with the price of her family name
Those awful pearls which weighed on her like the vision of her future

But, one bead comes loose, and everything falls apart
And so it did

The sturdy clasp come undone
Plunging towards the floor
The severed string giving way to a million pieces
Those very pearls now lay, scattered across the room

The weight of responsibility and expectations
Lifted off of her shoulders
The uncertainty of the future- her new comfort zone

Those pearls which only held her back
Those pearls which concealed her true identity
Those very pearls which now meant nothing

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