We Got This

December 19, 2017
By coffee_loving_writer SILVER, Radford, Virginia
coffee_loving_writer SILVER, Radford, Virginia
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"We got this"

she cheers

giving her children the last piece of bread


Hiding evil in attempts to mend the last seconds of youth

clothes and broken arms a young mother couldn't afford 


Young children who will never understand the wars they face 

she hides her depression 

"we are okay"


she takes the third job

"we are close to our dreams loves"


her beauty stong yet fadded

a tired warrior at her best

"we got this" 

The author's comments:

Growing up my mom would always say the words " we got this" to me whenever whe faced lifes hardships. These three words have been the rock of my childhood. While we may not always see eye to eye, we know that in a moments notice we would be there for eachother. 

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