Reset Button

December 18, 2017
By Anonymous

Hated by my dad's side of the family
I've been called many things by them
Coward, a**hole, selfish
only one thing that they've called me that has bothered me
I once loved them, I once cared
Was ignorant

When I broke the news
My father’s punches flew
Jawing at each other like Mayweather and Mcgregor
Insults thrown around, thinking that we’re better than one another.

The void I created will forever set us apart
I have no problem saying that to them because for them I truly have no heart.

I'm a new person with a great mindset
Even if it makes people upset
That I just got up and left
I haven't reached my personal goals to be the best in the family
But I can't deny that I'm at my best mentally and physically.

Ultimate Success is what I'm chasing to get
I'm going to become the most successful yet
I don't know what's next
But I know that so far, I have no regrets

I feel brighter than the sun
I feel stronger than a tree
I'm growing and blossoming
I'm shining and developing
I feel faster than sound
I feel reborn and restrung

I'm very successful in my mind yet but my best has yet to come
I have no regrets on leaving and betraying them
It’s what you do that defines who you truly are deep down inside
I'm the truth and there's nothing left to hide

Cutting people off like Edward Scissorhands
making some edits to my future and my plans
They were like snakes, with venom in their glands

Trying to poison my thoughts
Trying to get into my head
I'm the king of mental warfare
When I see them, I give them a death stare
I live to be their nightmare
I've heard enough about life not being fair
Live life your way, no one else truly cares.
Life has no shortcuts, there's no ladders or stairs.

Now that I’ve hit the reset button,  I have everything to gain
I've suffered enough pain
I’m like D’angelo, I got ice in my veins

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