The Man in the Lighthousse

December 12, 2017
By Anonymous

A man wakes to no alarm
His head is dazed but comes to clarity
For his actions the night before don’t seem to be a reality

The man quickly stumbles and fumbles to another room
He flicks the lights as he gets used to the new heights
The breeze of the ocean gives the man more motion

As he hurries to the tv he starts to realize he will not have more nights to be
The Tv flies through pictures and videos as the man can hear the cries

His run turns to a walk as he heads towards a closet
In which his last breath will be
For this man has no reason to plea

The author's comments:

The poem that I made is a riddle that I read with my friends a couple of years ago. In the riddle you have to find out why the man killed himself. The answer to the riddle was that the guy lived in a lighthouse so he forgot to turn on the lights last night and when he checked the news he realized that he killed tons of people and destroyed tons of boats.

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