Writing Words on my Heart

December 5, 2017


your writing words on my heart

soon you'll have no room

your words are cutting deep

hitting my chest like bullets

your carving them into my soul

it'll smoulder and tear, crumbling from your scratching words

i hate it when your joking but your making thoughs jokes crule with iceing lathered 'round

please stop writting your words on my heart, 'cause they're wrapping around me like a vice

i'm being twisted by your words, warped by your words 

i HATE your words, that are carving deep gigantic crevises into my chest 

ha! i'm laughing at your words, i'm the joker now, i'll throw them back in your face, 'cause i'll be heartless too... you'll cave from the inside out from what i say, i'll kill you with your crulety, that you made with your words...intended for me...

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