The Sunrise

December 22, 2017
By DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
DylanMitchell GOLD, Searsmont, Maine
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The red and white checkered picnic blanket lay sprawled out under me, only half of the space on it taken up. I did my best to not let my mind drift to her, I was here to find solace, not to reminisce on memories I would never live again. I forced my stare to the horizon, And think to myself how she loved sunrises. Her words flow through my body like the blood in my veins, providing a warmth I had not felt in years. “They are never the same, but you can always count on them being beautiful.” She would say. She knew that no sunrise would be a guaranteed explosion of colors in the sky, like nature's fireworks, painting a picture on the horizon. But she found comfort in the consistency of the earth's beauty. My thoughts fade as the sun starts to peak up over the horizon. This one was going to be special, I thought. I pulled myself into a sitting position, and stared off into the distance, just as she would have done. The mountains were on fire with the rising sun, and beams of sunlight flowed down the mountain like rivers of gold, only to settle in the valley, illuminating the evergreen forest laid out before me. I smile and turn to my left, looking at the empty half of the picnic blanket. It was three years today since the cancer took her away from me. I let a tear slip from my eye, knowing that  I would never hear her beautiful laugh again, echoing in my ears. How could a woman so burdened laugh such a pure laugh. Like most people, I found it hard to find the beauty in the world. That was before I met her. She opened my eyes to everything around me, like the sunsets, and the laughter of loved ones. I may never see her again, but she helped me to see the world for what it is, and maybe that was enough. I look down to my hand and pull the ring from my finger, holding it in my palm. I would never forget her, I couldn't, my happiness is her doing, I see because she opened my eyes. But it was time to move on.

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