December 21, 2017
By AlisonJA BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
AlisonJA BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
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There’s a God among men
Conquering the unknown and saving what’s already discovered.
There’s a power from Heaven
Wandering the Earth with energetic feet.
     And swimming the oceans with a body of power.
There’s a saint in the world
     Thinking and thinking and thinking.
          Of problems and solutions.
     Thinking and thinking and giving.
          To the people who need just a little hope.
     Thinking and giving and asking.
          The questions that haven’t been asked
               By a curious mind
                    Until now.
There’s a giant on the planet.
With strong arms and a heavy heart
     Who bathes in the sun
     And impresses the stars.
There’s a girl
     Dressed in humble black.
     And she might as well be a God among men. 

The author's comments:

If you've ever made friends with an exchange student during your youth, you know the pros and cons of the relationship. Pros; you're exposed to a little section of the world that you probably didn't know much about. You get to conversate with an intellectual person from a different culture and lifestyle and learn new things. Cons; you have to say goodbye after their exchange time is up, and the chances of you seeing them again are very slim.
During my sophmore year of High School, I became close friends with the smartest and one of the funniest people I know. She was an exchange sudent from the tiny and overlooked country of Macedonia, and she was and will be one of the most influencial people I have ever met. And I tried my best to compose her presence and personality in the stanzas of a poem. 

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