Him The One I love

December 19, 2017
By Anonymous

My World

Last night my parents called me in to talk
At first I thought, oh crap what did I do now
My anxiety shot up so high I was shaking
But no
I did nothing wrong
They just wanted to turn my world upside down
They told me that the one I love went through
I shook harder
They asked me if I knew anything , I said that he has helped me more than I could ever help him
Told them that,
I love him
That he is my world
After that
They looked me in the eye
And said he needs a lot of help and why
As my mother shed a tear she told me she was sorry
Because she had told me to shut him out of my life,
No contact.
She said that because I am the only positive thing in his life and that he has formed an attachment
To me
They said that I get to stay in contact with him
But they have,
No idea
What he means to me
He is My World.

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