December 19, 2017

What makes you follow me?
Am I the perfect toy for your pleasures?
Am I the perfect toy for your anger?
Am I the perfect toy for your cold heart?

I follow to protect you!
Protect your from thieves!
Protect your from shadows!
Protect your from illiusions!

What twisted lies do you own boy?
They're all alike!
I own nothing darling!
I'm pure as can be.

Pure as can be?
Purer than the soulless cornering me?
Purer than the mother figure abusing me?
Purer than the forced love who became corrupt?

I don't know the scale of your pain,
But I've felt something painful before.
I'm purer than the corruption,
I'm purer than the selfish!

Where's your evidence?
You have become closer to me,
Trying to trick me!
What evidence do you own Dragon!

I have the evidence Lion!
The spirits have told me to protect you!
The spirits have shown the destruction of my home!
The spirits have led me to you to take down the Mastermind together!

Boy, where's your proof?
Where have you been all my life.
Girl, I'm here to help you.
Sorrows aren't meant to be delt with alone.

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