Legal Prison

December 19, 2017
By CoreyS BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
CoreyS BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
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To be confined to stone walls
To be forced to look out, as snow falls
To be required to answer phone calls
And rush to respond at computer stalls
To spend hours a day in a gloomy state
To spend time working afterwards, up late
To spend money at an alarming rate
And slave away from a clean slate

To wish for a time skip to get it all over
To wish for something, like a lucky clover
To wish the teachers would let you keep your folders
And not make you come to school

The author's comments:

This piece is from the perspective of my peers who don't enjoy school. While most students will express their hatred for going to high school, there are some people that would truly be better off outside the public education system. I know a few of these people, and they inspired me to write this. 

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