December 19, 2017
By Treesap1270 BRONZE, Marion, Illinois
Treesap1270 BRONZE, Marion, Illinois
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I am from animals,
From gritted teeth, laid back ears, and silence.
From blurred eyes peering through dirty windows
At mom and a man
who was never dad.
I am from the cage,
A tight collar,
Whose tag read every decision I would make,
As if they were my own.
I am from broken leashes,
Searching for a lost father,
Drooling over mutts.
I’m from the dog whistle,
And the obedience class.
From Sit! and Stay!
And Silence.
I’m from Oh, I’m so proud of you,
With them patting my head,
But not giving the true praise I wanted.
I’m from the rusted bars and red roof,
From the screaming sirens of a car,
Bringing relief,
To take the mongrel away.
I am from the hounds--
Howling our despair--
To an unforgiving moon.

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