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December 19, 2017
By lukeschweiss BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
lukeschweiss BRONZE, La Vista, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
The things you own, end up owning you.

To a time I thought I had moved on

Her face burrowing to the deepest depths of my brain

Every night keeping me up longer and longer

Lingering on the tip of my tongue

Every word I wish I had said before


She moved to a rhythm

Sapping my flaws

Ignoring my needs

Keen on my divine attention

Nevertheless, I listened


On again with the stories, and the rumors

Without question I miss neither

Towering over my head, a stack of empty weights

Her, of course, on to the next, not a moment's hesitation

Early morning rises


Balance has returned

Sleep found me at last

Talking ensues

Talking only of what's new

Empowering her new relationship

Really must I listen anymore?

The author's comments:

I very much felt inspired to write this piece with the amount of high school relationships that don't work out and why they fail. I myself have never been in a relationship but I understand people my age and how the one person is more affected than the other.

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