Do u remember

December 19, 2017

Do u remember how it used to be
We used to stay up talking on the phone
And we talked for hours but felt like minutes
We were both happy and loved it
At school I would see u every chance I could
But so quickly that turned into would
Then I got replaced by ur ex
But I thought I was next
Do u remember how it used to be
When I was around u I could barley breathe
But not doing anything is what made u leave
And now I'm sitting here writing this here
Wishing I could go back to last year
I would have done more things with u
If I knew I was easy to replace in 3..2
Do u remember how it used to be
I got jealous so easily
But that's b/c I know u can't get over someone that quickly
It turned from me and u
To being replaced with someone new
I told my friends I wouldn't date u again
But what am I supposed to do with the feelings?
Hold them in?
I have to back up and move on
B/c what we have now I don't want it to be gone
I don't even feel wanted sometimes
I feel like I'm just a thing that passes time by
I told u that I'll always be here if u need me
But right now I just need some time to be who I wanna be
Do u remember how it used to be
When it was just u and me

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