I need to go!

December 18, 2017
By BrokenWingedHero BRONZE, Lehigh Acres, Florida
BrokenWingedHero BRONZE, Lehigh Acres, Florida
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It was the last period of the day and by god,
I had to go!
My bladder itself was dancing to and fro.
The common dance, the shimmy and squeeze
Known at its best for when you need to pee.
I raised my hand high and waited promptly to ask
“Please, oh please, I need to go bad!”
The teacher looked over, no life in her eyes
And the words fell from my mouth in a flurry, a hurry
Yet she looked at my dully with not a bit of sympathy.
“It’s only ten minutes to wait, you simply can’t go.”
I bit my lip and nodded my head, my bladder sad,
But ten minutes surely couldn’t be that bad!
Yet when five had passed, I found it was something I couldn’t take
So I raised my hand again, and that was a mistake.
“May I please go, I really can’t hold!”
The teacher just simply shook her head no
So I did the obvious, the one thing to do
(Let’s just say I could feel it dribble on my shoe)
There was a gasp, and laughter in the room
The teacher was furious, even darker with gloom
So I opened my mouth, like I had before,
“Sorry, Ms.Teacher. But I had to go.”

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