Baby Blue

December 21, 2017
By AlisonJA BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
AlisonJA BRONZE, Delaware, Ohio
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Cobalt plaid and snapbacks
Skating under a navy sky with a speed to shake off the unease.
She inhales with a smile
     And exhales smoke of cotton candy blue.
She streaks herself in mud and wildflowers
     And sleeps in a bed of mountain rock and roses.
She climbs to blue sky
     And swims in royal waters.
Cries deep salty tears in a house she can’t call home
Then wears an imperial smile under the stars.
She lives in midnight adrenaline,
     Running with the wind
     And laughing to no end.
Ocean eyes and a Universal mind,
     Cascading love and cool tempered
          And composed.
            Composed of the Earth at its purest and life at its worst.
Wearing cobalt plaid and a snapback.


                        And jeans to match.

The author's comments:

Baby Blue is a poem I wrote for a required project in my first semeser Creative Writing class my junior year of highschool. I hadn't really been exposed to poetry before the project, and I thought it was kind of ridiculous and difficult to write. So I had sat down in an irritated mood, looking forward to just getting it over with. But during the process, my writing became more passionate than forced.
Baby Blue is my attempt to capture the unique personality and lifestyle of a very important person. Whenever I see this person or hear them speak, I see the color blue. And even though I didn't know much about poetry before I started the project, I atleast knew that it was a type of writing that required raw emotion and thought. And an important friend who reminds me of a beautiful color seemed like a pretty good topic. 

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