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Should I Sleep or Should I Rise?

December 21, 2017
By Inaros BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
Inaros BRONZE, Cave Creek, Arizona
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Anger, discontent fills my soul,
It pains me every day to spread anger and misery to whomever I come across,
I have been told such horrible things by man,
Such Hateful and Disgraceful things,
It makes me wonder,
Should I lay down for the last time and sleep forever,
Just letting go of my anger,
or should I rise up and face my anger,
Calm myself to enjoy what I have,
To put aside all things I hate,
And replace my anger with happiness and spread joy,
So I ask myself again,
Should I Sleep or Should I Rise?

The author's comments:

I hope when people read this poem. If they are reading looking for inspiration to take a look at the life they have. See what is most important about it and take off writing. Everyone goes through hard times of struggle but, everyone needs an escape. That is why I wrote this poem. Never let the bad side of life bring anyone down. So I say Rise up and enjoy every bit of what you have.

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