Trust. Friendship. Family.

December 21, 2017
By hannahmorris BRONZE, Durham, Maine
hannahmorris BRONZE, Durham, Maine
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Trust me when I say “Don’t worry about it”
Just because I don’t make eye contact
Doesn’t mean I’m not listening

Trust me when I say “it will be okay”
Just because I don’t show emotions
Doesn’t mean I don’t care

Trust me when I say “We will get through this”
Just because I’m not by your side every second
Doesn’t mean I’m not there for you

Trust me when I say “I’m here for you”
Just because I get side tracked
Doesn’t mean I’d rather be doing something else

Trust me when I say “I will keep it between us”
Just because I tell you everything
Doesn’t mean I tell everyone else everything

I’ll trust you when you say “it will all get better”
Just because I ignore you
Doesn’t mean you’re the issue

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