Child Labour

December 21, 2017
By Anushka Bansal BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
Anushka Bansal BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Her dreams shattered like glass
As labour engulfed her childhood
My heart aches to hear her speak
Her voice is dripping with mercy

Drilled hollow from the inside she toils
In her sunken eyes, I see her world, forlorn
In her heart, I see the haunt of a phantom
And in her veins a dark sea of pessimism

She is young as a caterpillar,
Her cocoon, the shackles she may never break off from
Broken apart by the evil from inside out
Her screams creep up to me, crying for help

Her skin is dry as sun-dried raisins
And I hold out my hand to her
She embraces me with a childlike smile, a child she is
Ecstatic to be free from the shackles that confine her

A shout out to mankind to not be blinded
To not let the evil shadow follow you to darkness
Save each victim of child labour
Repair each broken glass, the glass of dreams…

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