Broken Mirror

December 20, 2017
By avamae011 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
avamae011 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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She looked at herself,
Looking for the girl,
Looking for the person everyone else saw,
But she couldn’t find her,

Everyone saw someone else,
They saw a plastered-on smile,
A straight-A student,
A happy, beautiful girl,

She saw someone different,
She saw her own tired eyes, sinking into her face,
She saw ugly clothes, crooked teeth,
She most certainly didn’t see happy,

She ran to her room crying,
But quickly hiding her tears at the sight of people,
But her friends could not be fooled,
They knew the girl too well,

They told her,
“Honey, don’t be sad,
All you need is a new mirror,
Your mirror is shattered, broken”,

She looked up with disgust,
Tears shining on her face,
She knew they were wrong,
She knew she was trash,

But they persisted over and over,
That she was priceless,
A diamond in the coal,
Just a girl with a broken mirror,

But she didn’t listen,
She couldn’t listen,
You see the girl had looked for too long,
She had gazed for too long in the broken mirror,

But her friends,
They came prepared,
With tape and scissors,
And repaired her mirror,

They sat her in front of the fixed mirror,
And she stared,
She saw a face,
A face different than hers,

She saw herself,
Just someone else entirely,
Although it was not an exact profile,
It was the girl she was said to be,

She may have seen a rough outline,
A very blurry image on the mirror
But without a doubt,
It was the girl that she wanted
To be.

The author's comments:

I want people to know that they can get through whatever they can. They just need tape and scissors which sympolizes people in your life who can help you.

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