December 20, 2017
By some_dude SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
some_dude SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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This land of America
Nicknamed ‘land of the free’
Ensures safety and dignity
To any citizen, immigrant
visitor and refugee
Some would laugh at this
For that is an unfinished dream

America has many flaws
From its laws to economics
But one of the most horrific are
Machine guns, assault rifles,
Handguns, sniper rifles
Death assuring guns

Protected by a
Futile amendment
Made sense back then
But now making peace with violence,
most likely not going to happen
Especially giving them to civilians
Wait, what are the police for?

They are people specialized
with training how to use a firearm
They are literally there for your safety
Self defense is a right
But using a bullet is not a way to fight
It is a way to kill
A way to be labeled murderer

Background checks
may not help the problem
Just like illegal drugs
People can find a way to smuggle them
Similar effect as illegal drugs
When you leave them out for children
Kids and guns
The perfect death solution

59 people died
in a concert by a gun
49 people died
in a nightclub by a gun
32 people died
in a school by a gun
25 people and a unborn child
died in a church by a terrorizing gun

As a country with the most mass shootings
And the greatest number of guns
America never listens
To the screams and cries of
The many people who had
Died by a trigger of
hatred, mental disorders,
Mistakes, addictions,
Depression, beliefs
And poor decisions

Despite media’s great attention
Homicides are a small portion
Of the many bullets
American guns had to offer
Most of these bullets
Silenced the same person
Who pulled the trigger
Who smiled, or cried,
or grimaced or felt blank
As they took away their pain
With the guns
That America provides

Sure, people can still hurt and kill
With knives and bats and fists
And trucks and cars and planes
And bombs and nuclear devices
And lies and hate and words
But now let’s start to stop this violence
Let’s start with guns

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