Your Girl

December 20, 2017
By Mel16 BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
Mel16 BRONZE, Bay City, Michigan
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"God gave me a really big heart, for people who do bad things."
by Unknow.

I've known you since 7th grade.

We became friends the beginning of 9th.

We disagreed and didn't really see eye to eye.


Than one day I shared a little of my brokenness with you.

You started to try to open the doors around my heart.

You reminded me of what it felt like to feel.


Than one day I looked into your eyes and said that I liked                                                                                  you.

We discovered that we were each other's crushes that day.

To young to date we decided to wait.


10th grade came and I was a mess.

You tried to help fix my brokenness but I shut you out.

I hurt your heart but yet you stayed.

Then afterawhile I smiled again once more.

I looked at you that day as you hugged me, and I said I                                                                                      LOVE                                                                                 YOU.

Now in 11th were still in love.

I'm waiting for the day that I'm officially yours; no longer                                                                                 single.

We build each other up and never leave no matter how                                                                                broken or                                                                            messy                                                                                we get;

                 but instead we will FIGHT for EACHOTHER.


You're replacing all the fears that other men have placed in                                                                            my mind                                                                              with                                                                                    your                                                                                    love.

Everyday I look at you.

I look at your eyes, your smile, and your heart.

I'm so thankful for you; you have no clue how much.

I'll love you;

                 forever being unofficially your girl.

The author's comments:

This piece is written about the guy I love, my crush, and forever my best friend.

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