Make No Mistakes

December 20, 2017
By kabig BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
kabig BRONZE, Atlanta, Georgia
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Make no mistake she’s drowning
But she doesn’t want to swim.

Make no mistake she’s burning.
But she doesn’t want to go to Him.

Make no mistake she’s aware of what she’s doing.
But she can’t set herself free.
Yes, she know’s she’s blind,
But she doesn’t want to see.

Make no mistake she’s so sorry
For the girl that she’s become.
But she knows that she’ll never again be
The innocent girl who bathed underneath the sun.

Make no mistake she knows that nothing stays the same,
But she will never forgive herself for thinking
That she could cheat the game.

The author's comments:

This piece is very personal to me. My goal was to capture the uncontrollabe change in personality, heart, and soul in every human-being's life. This change can not be resisted, and the only thing one can do is accept it. 

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