December 20, 2017
By SolSanctum BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
SolSanctum BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
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It’s what you never thought could happen.
It’s what I’ve hoped for way too long.
It’s what you’ve been told again and again.

Thoughts ricocheting through my brain, reaching goals that are insane,
To you.
So all I do is drink the pain down the drain.
Smoke the sorrow into tomorrow.
I know you love your drinks and you know I love your kinks.
But that somehow, stops you from seeing the flame, that has became what I have now.

Now that my inferno reaches the skies, I’m second-hand smoking that high even if it stings my eyes.

All I have now are these rings.
Rings worthy of a queen and her king.
Rings that leave me falling.
Rings that aren’t very fitting.

I can’t see it on anybody else.
It can’t be on anybody else.
You’re my only success, so do me the honor and say yes.

The author's comments:

This is about an old crush I used to have. She was my everything, but she had a different love for somebody else. I was persistent for 3 years and it got me no where because I didn't respect anything about my situation. On top of all that, I went to drugs and alcohol  as my solution and it didn't help. Everything is all good now!

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