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December 16, 2017
By Rureal BRONZE, MARGATE, Florida
Rureal BRONZE, MARGATE, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"You Will Find Beauty In Being Broken."

She has locked herself in a prison cell

Swallowed the keys; hoping to forget the memories

Heart now darker than the burnt ashes of a cigar

Eyes drier than the Great Basin

Tongue sharper than the needles once pricked into her skin

Left more broken than the shattered glass you threw because you were angry...

Angry because she finally wanted to be free

Free from all the pain and lies

You made her believe loving someone meant putting their happiness before her safety

Threw away her dignity to please you sexually, to keep you happy

You brainwashed her into believing that was love…

Love… an intense feeling of deep affection

The only feeling she ever felt was despair

That’s not love.... it’s poison

A poison in which she’d find herself taking in every day

Love is an endless cycle of happiness, pain, and anguish

But she’d take you back because you drove her insane

Drove her to the point where she chose to lock herself up, willingly became a prisoner

Chained up her heart

Afraid she’d fall for you all over again

Her cell is love proof....toxic proof

Because of you she has erased her memories of love...

She will never love again...


Heart now laced in fear

Because her heart can’t take not one more tear


The author's comments:

I found out that something happened to me, and it's one of the worst things anyone could ever go through. 

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